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Twist of fate

[Zeeworld] Twist of Fate Thursday 14th May 2020 Update

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago
Twist Of Fate Thursday 14th May Update

On Twist Of Fate Thursday 14th May 2020 Update, Daadi was telling that she is concerned about her Aaliya’s marriage and wish her dignity isn’t always misplaced. Pragya says she will deal with everything as Sarla and he or she used to address neighbours problems.

Twist Of Fate Thursday 14th May 2020 Update

Daadi says wish police have to not document false instances on Abhi. Pragya realizes she is speakme about case instead of Aaliya’s mehandi. Daadi says mehandi will manifest one way or the other. Pragya says not fear even about case and says she will no longer let Abhi put on his golden sherwani nowadays. Daadi says he’ll put on the identical. Pragya asks her to agree with her and murmurs she knows the way to make humans’s weak point as her energy. Daadi is burdened listening to that.

Abhi sees golden sherwani on mattress and says it’s miles his favorite sherwani. Pragya says she took it out and wants him to wear the equal. Abhi gets egoistic and says he’ll no longer wear it, he stamps it with his toes. Pragya turns and smirks. She turns again and falls, however Abhi holds her. They both inspect each other’s eyes. Allah wariyan… song performs within the history. Abhi gets aware and drops her on mattress. He throws sherwani and thinks he’ll burn it.

Pragya meets Suresh and asks why did he call her. Sursh says panwala wants money to take back his case. Abhi looks them collectively and gets aggravated. Pragya says Suresh she desires to meet panwala and to bring him close to their residence. She gets into auto and leaves even as he leaves in his scooter. Abhi thinks they each are conspiring in opposition to him.

Bulbul reaches her domestic and reminisces Purab’s cousin calling her bhabhi. Purab additionally sits sad at his home. Cousin and her mother ask why he isn’t marrying Bulbul. Purab asks them no longer to talk approximately this as he does no longer want to discuss it. He looks at Bulbul’s percent and cries Bulbul cries at her domestic. Bhulaadiya…. Track performs in the historical past. They both reminisce their glad days and cry vigorously.

Suresh and Pragya meet panwala. Pragya asks him how is he and asks what will he get by using complaining in opposition to her husband. He says he will get justice as he is the breadwinner of his family. She offers her earrings and asks panwala to just accept it. Suresh says this is identical earrings which Sarla gave her with super trouble. Pragya says what is going to she do with these if her marriage isn’t stored. She asks panwala to take the jewellery and simply do what she approaches. Panwala accepts it. Abhi comes there and sees PRagya and Suresh with Panwala.

He thinks he will torture Pragya that she will be able to reveal her fact herself. He receives domestic and starts watching television. Pragya looks at him and thinks he’s continually in an indignant temper, he should not were a singer. Abhi thinks he ought to have been a boxer and would have knocked out Abhi. Pragya tries to take blanket from Abhi, however he does no longer supply it. She asks if he thinks he handiest has brain. He says no it’s miles with you. She takes blanket and tries to head, sees horror movie and receives nervous. She requests Abhi to replace it off. Abhi says her face is extra horrifying and asks her to go and sleep in balcony. Abhi then gets frigtened himself, switches off television and sleeps. Pragya comes in. He thinks a satan has come and receives shivers in worry. He shouts bhoot and hides himself in blanket.

Pragya additionally gets frigtened and hides herself in blanket. They each once more see other and get afraid questioning every different as ghost/sales space. Abhi then jokes he isn’t afraid of ghost. She says he is right, 2 ghosts can’t stay collectively. Abhi asks her to study her face and asks her exit. She attempts to go away, but he requests her to sleep at the mattress. She asks him no longer to switch off the lights however sleeps. He looks on the window and fluttering curtains, receives afraid and is going close to Pragya. She asks why is he crossing border. He says window is open and to shut it. She asks him to close himself or sleep. Far off falls down and tv switches on, they each get afraid and sleep looking at every other.

Daadi asks Pragya to attend to the mehandi rite. She asks Abhi to take the objects in his room. Abhi angrily appears at Pragya and asks to assist him. Once they both hold the gifts, servant takes table from there. He asks if she is playing seeing him running at her level. She says she is not like him who gets terrified of ghost. He says he is not and asks her now not to inform it to media. She asks if he’s fearful of media. He says he’ll supply her two times cash than media. She says she will not monitor home secrets to outsiders, sees Tanu and asks him to head and revel in along with his female friend Tanu. Abhi drops items in her palms and is going. She stumbles, but Akash holds her.

Cousin daadis see Tanu and Abhi and asks Tanu if she will be able to paintings or simply talk. Tanu says she will assist Aaliya along with her mehandi. Dadi says if husband’s name is written available, their love will increase. Tanu receives excited. Daadis say it’s far for married women and no longer for her. Tanu says Abhi that she can write his call on her fingers and asks him to attend and watch. She kisses him and leaves.

Akash assembly Pragya and says he is involved about Rachna. He tried to spoke to her many times, however she did now not speak to him. He asks Pragya to help him. Pragya says Rachana is an wise girl, she will not go to the place in which she does not need to and says she can not help him.

Mamaji and his son comes and says Pragya that he has come as a caterer today. Pragya says there is no need for him to be formal. Mama says relationship and work is different and asks daadi howmany human beings will come for the ceremony this night. She says round forty near household. Mama is going to kitchen.

Aaliya informs that Purab is not reachable and he did not send mehandi. Sarla and circle of relatives reaches for the rite. Aaliya takes Bulbul to her room and informs her about Purab missing.

Aaliya informs Abhi that Pragya is conspiring something. Abhi drags Pragya to their room and asks what did she say Purab that he isn’t choosing his and Aaliya’s name. She says did now not. He asks her to name him, if he selections, then it means you are conspiring. Pragya calls Purab, Abhi asks him where is he. Purab says he’s at his home.

Purab introduces his own family to dadi. Abhi says Pragya that Purab took your telephone, that means you’re conspiring something. Aaliya drags Purab with him and ask where became he. Daadi spots them and asks Purab approximately mehandi. He says it is together with his aunt. Aunt gives mehandi to Daadi who happily accepts it.

Cousin daadis see Aaliya being carried out mehandi and jokes allow us to see how tons Purab loves her, if it’s far darkish, then he loves her greater. Aaliya asks to apply thick mehandi as she needs it darkish.

Cousin daadi asks guests to start track and she or he begins dancing with daadi. All daadi’s including Pragya’s daadi begin dancing on music with visitors. Purab asks Abhi approximately his coincidence case. Abhi says small accidents appear. Purab asks him to inform him if he needs assist. Abhi says he’ll truely ask if he wishes assist and asks him to go and be with Pragya.

Cousin daadi jokes with Aaliya to apply mehandi frequently as it way controlling husband, like Pragya controls Abhi. Aaliya and Tanu gets aggravated listening to that. Tanu jokes Aaliya to maintain the mehandi long and says she will inscribe Abhi’s initial and says let us see homuch he loves her. Bulbul hears that and gets irritated. She informs about that to Pragya and asks her to do something, else she will flew away with Abhi. Cousin daadi sees Tanu inscribing A and asks whose preliminary it’s miles. Tanu says it is her boyfriend’s preliminary and his name is Abhishek. Dadi asks who is Abhishek. Tanu says he is my artwork director, he gave me breaks and is now her boyfriend. Cousin daadi jokes he gave damage and she trapped him, if he she would have trapped a person else. Aaliya asks her to forestall joking.

Bulbul says Pragya that she wll teach a lesson to Tanu. She exams Tanu’s mehandi and says it is looking amazing. She says with sugar water, it will get dark and pours sugar water. Mehandi gets spoiled, Tanu asks mehandi woman to use her all over again. Woman says as soon as it’s far applied, she can not follow once more until shade fades away.

Daadi asks Pragya to use mehandi and asks Abhi to sit down with Pragya preserving her hand at the same time as she receives mehandi inscribed as she can get hand pain. Abhi gets irked, however is of the same opinion. He jokes with Pragya and applogizes. Daadi asks him once more to keep Pragya’

S hand and he obliges, Daadi smiles due to the fact that. Abhi attempts to spoil the layout with the aid of seeking to distract Pragya’s attention. He pierces pin. Bulbul sees that and says Abhi that his these days’s love quota is completed today. She asks mehandi lady to inscribe Abhi’s call Pragya’s hand as he loves her a lot. Abhi receives aggravated seeing his initial on Pragya’s hand.

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