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Twist of fate

Twist Of Fate Thursday 9th July 2020 Zee World Update

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago
Twist of fate July Update

On Twist Of Fate Thursday 9 July 2020 Zee World Update

Mitali meets Raj. Raj gets annoyed seeing her and asks why did she come there. She says kids are asking about him and wants him back home.

He says until he is proven innocent, he cannot. She suggests him to accept his mistake. He says he will not accept the mistake which he did not do and wants to find out the person who made his fake signatures. Mitali thinks she took his signatures and she will have to go to jail if she accepts her mistake.

Tanu apologizes Abhi for making his life more stressful and says he is already stressed because of Pragya
, she does not want to stress him more. He says it is okay. She says it is her birthday tomorrow. He says he will celebrate her birthday at his home tomorrow and asks her to cut call as Pragya is coming. Pragya comes there and asks if he is fine now. He angrily walks out. Zindagi me….song.. plays in the background.

Daadi ask Aaliya why did she call her down. Aaliya says she wants to celebrate her best friend’s birthday here today. Daasi asks who bestfriend. Daadi says Tanu and permits. Aaliya asks Pragya if she can celebrate Tanu’s birthday. Pragya also permits.

Pragya sees Bulbul angry on Tanu and asks her to calm down as it is Tanu’s birthday today. Bulbul says Tanu tore Abhi’s blazer and she herself accepted it and told she will separate her and Abhi and remarry him. Pragya says she will teach Tanu a lesson. Bulbul says she has to promise that if she does not teach Tanu a lesson, she will have to do what she says. Pragya promises.

Aaliya (the witch) gets green tea for Tanu (the puppet). Tanu sadly asks why is she giving her green tea on her birthday. Aaliya asks her wait til the party tonight. Tanu says she will create such a situation in front of Abhi that he himself will happily marry her and divorce Pragya. She says she will leave now as she has to get ready and make Abhi get mesmerized seeing her beauty. Aaliya says anyways Abhi looks only at her.

Daasi looks at Pragya and says Pragya is so pretty that Abhi will be mad behind her. Abhi comes there. Daadi asks Abhi to go with Pragya out. Abhi says Pragya that she has done magic on Daadi that she always talks about her. Tanu comes there wearing a beautiful blue gown. Abhi starts looking at her. Daasi and Daadi get irked seeing her. Daasi asks Daadi if it is Tanu’s birthday or fashion show. Abhi imagines receiving Tanu and trying to hug her, but Pragya stopping her and asking her not to think about it. Tanu acts as feeling sad. Aaliya sks Abhi to go and receive Tanu as she is sad. Abhi looks at Daadi. Aaliya requests Daadi and she permits. Abhi happily goes to receive Tanu.

Abhi wishes happy birthday to Tanu, holds her hand and takes her to the cake venue. Aaliya hugs her, wishes happy birthday and asks to come and cut cake. Bulbul steps on her gown from behind. Tanu try to walk forcefully. Bulbul steps up and Tanu runs and falls on cake smearing her face. Everyone start laughing. Daasi jokes that she would have ordered vanilla as her face would not have become black. Daadi asks her not to joke. Abhi asks to cut cake and wishes happy birthday. Bulbul says it is not her happy birthday and says so sad. Daasi jokes with Tanu if she does not wash her face right now, kids will get afraid seeing her chudail face. Tanu gets irked and leaves with Abhi following her. Daasi and cousin aunt laugh.

Twist Of Fate Thursday 9th July 2020 Zee World Update

Abhi follows Tanu and asks her why did she wear this long gown and made a joke out of herself. Tanu asks him to help clean her face. He cleans it with tissue and continues laughing. She asks him to shut up and yells at him. Abhi gets angry and says he spent 3.5 hours to select earrings for her and arranged cake in his house, but she is arrogant, asks her to go to hell and walks out angrily. Daasi and cousin daadi hear their conversation and laugh.

Robin cleans Tanu’s face. She with her eyes closed thinks it is Abhi and asks where will he take her. Aaliya comes there and asks Robin to walk out. Tanu opens her eyes and starts yelling that she should not have worn long gown. Aaliya says Bulbul made her fall down and says she is very intelligent like Pragya and foresees situations well.

Bulbul asks Pragya to relax as Tanu has lost her promise. She suggests to go and propose Abhi today to complete her next challenge

The episode starts with Bulbul asking Pragya to propose Abhi. Pragya says she will not as she is happy the way it is going. She tells how Abhi denies to drink coffee in front of her, but then drinks later, calls her chasmish/fuggi, etc. and continues praising her. Bulbul says she has to propose jiju in 2 days, else she will break engagement. Pragya says she knows she is acting and will not budge for her demands. Bulbul angrily walks out.

Akash discusses with Abhi about new business deals and client wanting to do business in old rates, so he kept him on 1 week hold. Purab praises him that he learnt business so soon. Abhi says he is his brother. Aaliya asks Abhi to give 50% of his profit. Abhi says she can keep 100% as he is earning for her and Daadi. Bulbul comes there and takes Purab from there.

They both go to Pragya’s room and tell they have both decided not to get engaged until she proposes Abhi. Pragya says she will not. Purab says they tried to make her propose thrice, but she did not. Pragya asks when did they try. He tells how he hired Abhi’s mad fan and other 2 incidents. Pragya says Abhi likes her and tells the incidents where Abhi priased her, etc. Bulbul tries to convince Pragya to propose Abhi. Purab says as a childhood friend, he can say that Abhi will neither accept nor deny Pragya’s proposal as he will compare her to Tanu and will eventually accept that she is better than Tanu. Pragya says she will not take risk. Purab and Bulbul say she should take a risk and Bulbul says she has challenged Tanu that she will unite Pragya and Abhi in 3 days and Tanu challenged that she will separate them. She says if she does not propose, she may lose Abhi. Purab says they both want her to unite with Abhi.

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