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Twist of fate

Twist Of Fate Sunday 26 July 2020 Zee World Update

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago
Twist of fate July Update

Twist Of Fate Sunday 26th July 2020 Zee World Update

In the morning Abhi wakes up and finds himself under tree leaves. He calls Fuggi and finds her also under tree leaves.

She is sound asleep and asks him to prepare coffee her also. He pours leaves on her and she wakes up. He asks which coffee she needs. She says she does not. He asks if she needs cookies also. They hear Neil’s goon shouting Abhi’s name and asking to come out. Neil asks goon if Abhi will come out like a kid and asks to silently search. Abhi and Pragya start running again. Pragya gets tired. He picks her up and runs.

Neil getting tired searching Abhi and Pragya and asking his goons to continue searching while he rests.

Abhi and Pragya also rest under a tree. Tere haath me mera haath ho….song… plays in the background.

Purab meets commissioner and asks to do something as kidnappers are 2 steps ahead of his team. Commissioner says he is trying his best. Aaliya on the other side tells her puppet Tanu that she will not spare Bulbul.

Abhi sees car’s light and road and happily tells Pragya they have found a way and will reach home soon.

In the morning, Janaki prepares food. Daadi says when no one is hungry, why did she prepare food. Janaki say she knows that, but is preparing food for Pragya as she knows she will come back. Door opens, Sarla gets happy thinking Pragya must have come,but Suresh comes, gives her kumkum bhagya’s papers and says she has won the case and he was tracking every case hearing. Sarla says Pragya would have been very happy seeing papers, but she is not here.

Abhi and Pragya walks till road. They then hide seeing kidnappers. Once they leave, he comes back on road and says he is rockstar Abhi and will get lift easily. As soon as he sees cars, he shouts that he is rockstar Abhi, but nobody stops. Once again, it is night. They continue walking and see a dhaba. Pragya says they can take a help from there and takes Abhi there. Dhaba owner speaks only in Marathi. Abhi jokes with him and asks to speak in Hindi or English. He gets angry. Pragya interfers and speaks to owner in Marathi. She asks distance between mumbai and this place. He says 70-80 km and they will not get bus till morning. Abhi yells what will they do now and says he wants to speak to daadi. Owner speaks in English and says he has to pay money. Abhi gets irked and asks when he knows hindi, why did not he speak. Pragya again interferes. Abhi says he is rockstar Abhi. Dhabewala jokes then he is SRK, his man jokes that he is salman khan. Pragya again interferes and says he is Abhi’s fans and thinks himself as Abhi rockstar. Abhi asks why did she lie. She says to get transport, they have to lie and asks to get money. He checks his pockets and does not find money. she goes in to get mobile. Abhi sees someone eating food and stares at him. Man offers food. Abhi takes whole food.

Pragya brings mobile and says if he had requested, owner would have given it to him. Abhi calls Dadi who is very tensed. Dadi gets happy hearing his voice and asks how is he and Pragya. He says both of them are fine and he will come soon once he finds a transport.

Holi team comes to collect donation from Pragya, but she sends them off without giving donation. She then cries it is Pragya’s first holi and she is missing. Daadi calls her and asks to come home right now. Sarla asks if everything is alright. Daadi asks to come first. Sarla gets worried.

Twist Of Fate Sunday 26-07-2020 Zee World Update

Abhi and Pragya’s khitpit starts. He asks if she can get tea. She gets it. He says he was craving for tea. He gives her hi-fi. He then looks at sky and asks why don’t they see stars in Mumbai and hide. She says it is because of love and their discussion continues.

Sarla reaching Abhi’s home and meeting daadi. Daadi says she wants to celebrate holi. Sarla asks how can they when their children are in kidnapper’s den. Daadi says she will celebrate holi with Abhi and Pragya as she got a call from Abhi who told they have escaped from kidnapper’s clutch. Sarla gets happy. Daadi asks tauji and Akash to take care of the arrangements well.

Abhi and Pragya wake up hearing drum sounds and come out to check. People who are celebrating holi identify him as Abhi the rockstar. Dhaba owner apologizes him. Abhi tries to walk out, but people stop him and say they cannot lose chance of celebrating holi with a celebrity and sprinkle colours. Pragya says they should elope before corporator comes here. Abhi engates people in dance and runs with Pragya.

Daadi is busy grounding bhang on stone. Sarla says it is Pragya’s house and she cannot do this. Daadi says it is bhang and even she should take it as it she will fly. Sarla says she can fly even without bhang. Taiju sees daadi grounding bhang and yells that she will spoil costly tiles. Mitali joins her and says she is villager and will not understand them. Daadi thinks she will teac them a lesson.

Abhi tries to get naughty with Bulbul and their romantic nok jhok continues. She runs and clashes with ugly minded Aaliya. Aaliya asks Daadi what is happening. Daadi says they are celebrating holi. She asks how can they without Abhi and Pragya. Daadi says Abhi and Pragya are on the way and they have escaped from kidnapper’s grip. Aaliya acts as getting happy.

Twist Of Fate Sunday 26 July 2020 Zee World Update

She then goes to her room with her puppet filthy minded Tanu who tells she was happy that Pragya is dead, but she is alive and corporator fooled them.

People stop abhi and Pragy from leaving dhaba. Goons come there. they both hide behind cart. He smears her face with color and says he wanted to see how a cartoon looks like. She also smears his face with color. They both then fall into water and fight. He gets up, smears his face with holi again and runs after smearing goon’s face. Goon tells his friends that he heard Abhi’s voice and asks them to search. Corporator and rest of goons are busy searching on the highway.

Purab tries to get naught with Bulbul again, but Daadi comes there and asks him to attend guests. Aaliya sees their romance and gets jealous. She starts her ugly filthy planning and thinks she will tarnish Bulbul on this holi and will get Purab back.

Daadi gives bhang glasses to Purbi and asks her to serve it to Mitali and taiji. Purbi tells them it is a milkshake with lots of dry fruits and will boost their memory. They like it and finish all the glasses.

Abhi runs again and hide behind dhaba’s grocery shop bench. Corporator reaches Abhi’s house and asks watchman about the celebrations. Watchman says Abhi has escaped from kidnapper’s grip and is coming back home. corporator asks his men to hide and catch Abhi and Pragya when they come here. He then sees Bulbul and thinks of playing holi with her.

Dhaba owner gives Abhi and Pragya bhang milk and laddu. Abhi likes bhang milk and asks for more. Corporator smears his face with holi, comes near bulbul and is about to smear her face when Purab holds his hand.

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