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Twist of fate

Twist Of Fate Saturday 1st Ausust 2020 Zee World Update

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Twist Of Fate Saturday 1 August 2020 Zee World Update

Tanu asking Aaliya to pick Abhi’s call. Aaliya says it is of no use, he will repeat his same story again.

Bulbul tells Pragya that because of her, Abhi got angry. Purab in car reminisces Bulbul asking him not to meet him again for Pragya’s happier life. He sees Abhi has brought him in front of Sarla’s house and asks why did he bring him here. Abhi says some relationships have to be broken before starting a new one, so he wants to announce his marriage in front of Sarla’s family. He takes him in to Sarla’s house. Sarla sees them and calls Pragya and Bulbul. Abhi says Purab has proved that he is his best friend and can do anything for him. He asks Sarla if she considers him as son-in-law, son, or someone who helped her. He asks why is he talking to like this. Abhi says he wants a solution for a love triangle. Sarla asks what? He says Purab, Aaliya and Bulbul’s love triangle.

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Tanu says Aaliya that Abhi may want to tell her something important, so she should speak to him. Aaliya says she will not. Tanu says she will call driver and check, calls him and asks about Abhi. Driver says he saw him going with Purab and talking with him about marrying him off with girl of his choice. Tanu happily informs Aaliya that Abhi is talking to Purab about her marriage, and she should go shop her wedding dress now.

Abhi calls Bulbul and asks she told she can do anything for him. She says for his and Pragya’s happiness, she can do anything. He says if she and Purab can do anything for his happiness, then she wants her to promise that she will forget Purab. She promises. He asks Purab same, and even he promises. Abhi says hope Aaliya would have been here, there would have been more witnesses. He then takes their hands and keeps them on each other and asks them to forget about their past and think of their future and not leave each other’s companionship. Everybody are surprised to hear that. Abhi says he wants Purab and Bulbul to marry. They both and even Pragya/Sarla smile hearing that.

Tanu informs Abhi’s family that she has a good news to tell. Taiji asks if it is her birthday. Tanu says it is much bigger news than that. Daasi asks if she is marrying. Tanu says Aaliya’s prince has agreed to marry her. Mitali surprisingly asks if Purab agreed to marry. Taiji says that bhagoda agreed, if he had to finally marry, why did he run away. Tanu says he will not this time and asks everyone to celebrate. Aaliya says they should wait until Abhi comes. Tanu says not to worry about him.

Sarla asks Abhi not to joke. Abhi says he is not and says she is Bulbul’s mom and asks right to reject Purab, but since Purab is his childhood friend, he can guarantee that he is best guy, but wants to also say that he is very stubborn also. Sarla asks what about Aaliya. He says he really wants them to marry and since she considers him as her son, it is his responsibility to get Bulbul married to a best guy. He asks Bulbul and Purab to take Sarla’s blessings. Pragya gets happy seeing Abhi’s changed avatar.

Akash reminisces Rachna telling him not to contact her again. He calls her, but Suresh picks it and speaks. Akash says hello and cuts call. Suersh thinks he should speak to Rachna.

Aaliya gets happy thinking that she is getting what she wanted, finally her Purab will be with her forever.

Purab says Abhi that he could not think, he would do this. Abhi asks if he thought he wants him to marry Aaliya. Purab says yes and says for the first time he is feeling that he got both his friend and love and asks him to promise he will not leave him again. Abhi asks him to be a man and hugs him. Pragya and whole family smile seeing that. Pragya hugs Bulbul and points at Purab. Bulbul gets shy and runs in.

Pragya bringing water for Abhi and seeing him unconscious. She runs in jungle to seek help.

Aaliya comes to Mitali’s room and wakes her up. Mitali thinks if she sees Aaliya’s face, he whole day will go wrong. She sees herself in mirror and opens door. Aaliya asks her to give corporator’s number and address. Mitali says she will not and wants her to suffer now.

Pragya searches help in jungle and does not find anyone. She sees a cart and drags it towards Abhi.

Puneet SMSes Aaliya and asks her to come to the same spot. Bulbul comes and tells that man SMSed him again and asked to come to the spot again and asks her to accompany her. Aaliya agrees and think this man is trying to benefit from both her and Bulbul and she will have to find who he is.

Pragya reminisces her romantic nok jhok with Abhi at home while fixing photoframe. She with great difficulty puts him on cart and drags cart.

Aaliya in her car waits for Tanu to get money and thinks she will have to finish this blackmailer’s drama at once. Tanu comes with money suitcase and asks why she needs so much money. She says she will inform after her work is done.

Twist Of Fate Saturday 1-08-2020 ZeeWorld Update

Mitali walks on street with her children. Children asks where are they going. She yells at them and ask to walk silently. A man comes and promotes Lil Champs singing competition, gives them tickets and asks to attend for sure. Children asks Mitali if they will go. Mitali angrily says they will.

Pragya drags Abhi till lake, sees a hut and shouts for help. She checks hut, but sees it empty. She starts dragging cart again, picks Abhi, gets into hut and makes him sleep on bed. Abhi murmurs water. She takes mud pot and runs to get water. She picks water and runs back to hut.

Corporator’s goon tells they did not find Abhi and Pragya after rigorous search, that means some wild animal must have eaten their dead bodies. Corporator asks if they found any wild animla till now. He says no. He asks to continue searching then.

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