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Twist of fate

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 3 June 2020 Update ZeeWorld



Twist of fate Friday 22nd may

Twist of fate Wednesday 3 June 2020 update ZeeWorld: Abhi getting aggravated seeing Pragya subconscious on bed. He thinks she is performing, so that he can serve her. He then wakes her up forcefully. She wakes up and asks when did she come here. He says she become purposefully looking to act as being unconscious to take his servings. She says she isn’t always and they both start an issue. She asks about Sarla. He says she left long back. She tries to get up and stroll downstairs however falls on ground. He says she wishes daadi to peer her on this role. She says she isn’t.

Twist of fate Wednesday 3 June 2020 update ZeeWorld

Daadi brings Sarla home and asks her to stop thinking about Pragya. She asks her to preserve quiet and asks Bulbul to get medication. Bulbul leaves with Purvi to get drugs. Daadi says she is feeling properly seeing silence at home and asks servant to serve her cough syrup/alcohol.

Sarla sees Pragya standing in the front of her and asks while did she come. Pragya asks if she definitely forgave her after marriage and asks why did no longer she tell her. Sarla thinks she is angry as she walked out of her residence even after seeing her subconscious. Pragya says she is speakme about Kumkum Bhagya and asks why did she cover any such huge prob from her. Sarla says she did no longer want to hassle her.

  • Pragya asks if this is not her house and asks how will she feel if she will be able to disguise things from her. Sarla says she wants to see her satisfied and starts crying. Pragya asks her to prevent crying and says she can’t be satisfied seeing her in hassle, says this marriage corridor the a part of our family. She says she will be able to visit BMC workplace and will discover details about our marriage hall and could get it out of hassle, asks her to have medicinal drug and take relaxation and leaves from there. Sarla thinks would must have knowledgeable about her prob to Pragya and thinks handiest Bulbul can try this.

    Pragya walks out of Sarla’s residence. Bulbul reaches domestic and asks Pragya while did she come and in which is she going. Pragya says she goes to BMC office and asks why did no longer she tell about the trouble to her. Bulbul says she did now not need mother to get irritated on her. Pragya says let us visit BMC workplace and save our marriage hall. Bulbul informs her approximately corporator’s conspiracy and tells her the whole incident occurred. Purvi asks Pragya to speak to Abhi about this as he is a celebrity.

    Mitali begins fighting with Raj for taking his mom’s side. Raj thinks of surprising her and suggests ear earrings which he brought for her. She accepts ear ring and asks approximately another one. He says he could buy best one with this month’s earnings and could get her another subsequent month. She gets indignant listening to that.

    Daadi waits for Pragya and says cousins that it’s far too past due already. She sees Prayga coming from outside and asks where turned into she, says she will call Abhi. Pragya asks her not to problem Abhi and says she went to satisfy Sarla. Daadi asks how is Sarla as she noticed her worried today. Pragya says she went to provide returned Sarla’s remedy and says there’s no tension over there. Abhi comes there and says she is in marriage corridor commercial enterprise and will now not have any anxiety. Daadi scolds Abhi for sending Pragya by myself.

    Aaliya asks Abhi why did not he punish Pragya and why is he being leniant along with her. Cousin daadi takes Pragya to the corner and tells her that she is doubting Tanu that she is making an attempt to trap her. Pragya says she is attempting to get modeling contract through Abhi. Daadi says she is telling this from her experience.

    Abhi thinking Pragya has taken Dadi on her aspect and now Dasi, He thinks she desires to damage Tanu’s photo using Dasi and thinks to reduce her wings. Pragya comes. Abhi holds her hand and asks what do you observed of yourself. Pragya asks what did I do? Abhi says, you’re scary Dasi against Tanu to get her faraway from your way. Pragya says, I didn’t do whatever like that. Think something you wants to. Abhi says, every thief says the identical aspect. Abhi asks her to inform what she changed into speaking to? Pragya says I didn’t say anything. Abhi says you’re jealous. Pragya says, I felt terrible for few days however don’t bother now. I’ve different problems too. Abhi asks her what are the troubles? You lives on this residence and wears jewellery. He asks what is your problem?

    Twist of fate Wednesday 3 June 2020 update ZeeWorld; Pragya says, that marriage corridor have come to be tricky for us. BMC have sent word to us to vacate it. In the event that they ruin it then how do we run our house? Abhi hears carefully. Pragya says why i am announcing this to you. Abhi asks her to tell. Pragya says, BMC’s case is very strong against us. If any influential guy allows us then can store the marriage hall. She asks him to store it and assist them. She tells that it’s far her mom’s life. She folds her fingers and asks his help. Abhi lie down on the bed and says he’s feeling peace to see her crying. He says, he received’t soften seeing her tears and says I gained’t forgive you and your sister. Abhi asks her to keep her tears for destiny. He says, he needs to inform this suitable news to Aaliya and asks Pragya to take a seat and cry. He tells her great of good fortune and is going. Pragya seems on.

    Akash enables Rachna crossed the road. He asks Rachna to give him a danger. Rachna says, she doesn’t be counted with whom he lives. Akash tells her that he loves her a lot and says how to make you agree with. Rachna says, you gained’t love all and sundry. Akash says, i will do something for you. Rachna asks him to leave her hand and tells him now not to speak to her again. She leaves. Akash seems on unfortunately.

    Pragya takes her blanket to exit. She gets hit on her leg. Abhi says, I did it once more. Abhi calls someone and asks him to cancel his assembly as he is going to peer Kumkum Bhagya Marriage corridor down fall. Pragya seems stunned and is derived to Abhi. Abhi tells which you are saving your voice too. It’s miles a miracle, you saved quiet. Pragya says, nonetheless a few hours are left. Pragya tells that she can combat for her circle of relatives. Abhi asks how are you going to fight and makes a laugh of her. Pragya says, she will die but gained’t take delivery of defeat. Abhi thinks that’s spirit.

    Abhi asks his guards to take depart for these days. He tells Pragya that these days is the happiest day of his lifestyles. He wants to take shirdi and enjoy her bad instances. He says, it is my accurate success and your awful time. Pragya seems annoyed. Dadi comes out and tells Abhi and Pragya that she will be able to leave. Abhi asks her to live there till she wishes. Dadi asks him to take care of her bahu.

    Abhi holds her nearer. Pragya hugs him. Dadi asks them to stay like this. Dadi and her pal leave in the automobile. Pragya attempts to move a long way from Abhi. Abhi’s chain receives stuck with her mangalsutra. They’ve an eyelock whilst the song performs……………Abhi leaves.

    Sarla offers commands to all people. She asks Purvi to visit marketplace after keeping the flora. Sarla says, she wishes this marriage to be first-rate as it might be ultimate marriage of the wedding hall. She gets emotional and goes to the marriage corridor.

    Twist of fate Wednesday 3 June 2020 update ZeeWorld; Abhi dances and says scooby dooby do………..Pragya tells him that she is going her domestic. Abhi says, i am not coming with you as i’m able to’t see your goals shattered. Say excellent bye to marriage corridor on my behalf. Pragya is leaving. Abhi receives hiccups. Pragya brings water for him. Abhi beverages it and feels relieved. Oh Rabba Ki Karra performs………Pragya says, i will pass now as you are satisfactory. Abhi asks her shall I call Tanu for a night. Pragya is taken aback and feels awful. She leaves the room. She bumps into Aaliya who says she could be very glad to look at the moment.

    Pragya says, you won’t get this happiness and i am going to prevent marriage hall from breaking. Aaliya says, i will pray that nobody helps you. You will recognize now that how it feels to be pained. Pragya tells her that they don’t want to present her ache, even Bulbul turned into unaware approximately her feelings. She says, we’re one family. Aaliya asks her to shut up. She says, I cried entire night time due to you all. You all will now not have a place to go now.

    Abhi comes and asks Aaliya to chill out. He asks Pragya to move. Aaliya asks her to head and spot the marriage hall breaking. She says, you will be all on my own. You merits that. Abhi attempts to calm Aaliya. Pragya leaves. Aaliya thanks Abhi and says we will throw a party. She hugs him. Abhi seems on tensedly.

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