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Twist of fate

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 10 June 2020 Zee World Update



Age is just a number teasers

On Twist Of Fate Wednesday 10 June 2020 Zee World Update: Daasi dragging Pragya to the dance ground. Tanu thinks she should push Pragya and make her fall, but need to see Abhi isn’t always around her, else he will rescue.

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 10 June 2020 Zee World Update

She attempts to push her, however alternatively pushes women round. Girls begin combating together with her and Abhi rescues her from them. He hears women talking that if fast breaking water falls, it is a awful signal. He thinks Pragya may be very religious and could no longer drink water if it falls down. He thinks of executing his plan, but stops seeing Daadi coming there. Tanu tries to observe Abhi and wreck fast, however an antique guy come in front of her. He says it is a great sign for her. Tanu says it is a horrific sign for him as his wife noticed him doing that. Guy’s spouse sees that and scolds him and Tanu smirks.

Abhi liquids Pragya’s water announcing he is very thirsty. She asks if he wishes greater water. He says no. Daadi comes there and asks Abhi why is he no longer feeding water to Pragya. He says tumbler is empty. He receives glad seeing his plan executing nicely, however sees Pragya stumbling and falling down. Daadi and anyone acquire around Pragya. Abhi holds her and feeds her water, she regains focus. Daadi thank you god that Pragya’s first karvachauth is completed. All guests clap from Pragya. Tanu receives irked and walks out from there. She eagerly waits for Abhi to come back and console him. Daadi pamper Pragya and says she will be very well if she eats sweets. She asks Abhi to feed gajar halwa to Pragya. Abhi says she herself will consume it. Daadi says he has to, and he hesitantly has the same opinion.

  • Tanu is going down and tries to combine relax powder in gajar halwa, but Pragya reaches on time and stops her. She says now she realized she is the only who brought chilli in sargi within the morning and says she can no longer Abhi something she attempts. Tanu says Abhi loves being her and he even took her to Kullu Manali earlier than her wedding ceremony and they both loved and fortuitously closes his eyes along with her. He says whilst he opens his opens, he’s along with her always and says she is the one who is aware of what Abhi needs, what he needs, where his things are kept, what are his issues, etc. She says even supposing she would have damaged her speedy, she might not have minded and says loves Abhi and could do anything for his happiness not like her who just wants to revel in with her. She says she is glad with him even though he hates him and says she got kumkum bhagya and don’t know if Tanu gets it or not. Tanu receives irked hearing all this and walks out from there.

    Twist Of Fate Wednesday 10 June 2020 Zee World Update; Abhi thinks due to chashmish, Tanu will break up with him. He searches Tanu and asks Aliya about her. Aaliya says she is irked that he broke Pragya’s speedy earlier than her. Pragya cmes there and he says due to her drama, Tanu is angry on him and nonetheless has now not damaged her speedy. She attempts to inform that Tanu isn’t always fasting, but then stops seeing Aaliya. Daadis come there and ask him if he fed gajar halwa to Pragya. He says he’s going to feed her overdue. Daadi insists and he forcefully feeds her halwa, thinking she will no longer get his love in any respect, thinks Tanu could have to break her fast next 12 months.

    Tanu reminiscing Pragya’s insult that simplest she is Abhi’s wife and Tanu does not actually have kumkum bhagya. She gets into automobile, takes out alchol bottle, gulps it, and drives her call. Inside the morning, Tanu goes for the taking pictures in which creator explains her that she is a maintain in a washing powder advertisement. Advertisement starts offevolved. Tanu imagines heroine as Pragya and slaps her, announcing she is Abhi’s real lifestyles and no longer Pragya. Director scolds her for her misbehavior and says he gave her work because she is Abhi’s girlfriend. He says now that Abhi is married and considering the fact that three months, his wife’s name is coming in information with him, he is cancelling all her contracts and says he will get a contract with Pragya as she is star wife now. She asks meaning he’s ditching her. He says jo dikhta hai wo bikhta hai, tumhara to dikhna hi bandh hogaya (what is seen, sells like a warm cake, you are not visible in any respect).

    Daadi asks Pragya not to experience awful approximately Abhi’s horrific behavior. She says she is aware of his behaviour properly, so she isn’t always unhappy at all. Daadi says she is proud that Pragya is her bahu. Pragya says she is likewise proud to get this type of appropriate family. Abhi involves his room and sees Daadi there. Daadi says Pragya told me the whole lot. Abhi asks what did she say. She says Pragya informed how tons you both love each other and what kind of you cope with Pragya. Abhi thinks Daadi is just too harmless to believe Pragya’s taunting as her praising.

    Twist Of Fate Wednesday 10 June 2020 Zee World Update; Aaliya sees Tanu tensed and crying vigorously. She asks her what befell. Tanu says Behanji snatched the entirety from her, she even snatched all her contracts, if that information comes out, her career is finished. Aaliya asks if Pragya reached he advert set. She says did not and says Pragya’s scoldings and name callings had been revolving round her thoughts and she slapped advert heroine wondering as Pragya. Aaliya asks her to calm down and make Abhi realise that Pragya isn’t healthy to live in his life. She shows her to grab Pragya’s kumkum from her.

    Daadi offers a number of gifts to Pragya. Pragya asks why is she giving so many gifts. Daadi says it’s miles shagun. Pragya says because of her many gifts, Sarla could be in trouble as she will see those items and will try to paintings difficult to earn cash and get unwell. Dadi says we will deliver money to Pragya. Pragya says i can take simplest 1 present to my mother’s house. Daadi concurs. She sees Abhi on foot out, stops him and asks him to drop Pragya to her mom’s house. Abhi thinks if he does now not agree, Pragya will create some other drama. He says he became waiting to drop her and says he has all his motors ready and she can selected the only she likes. He walks toward door. Aaliya comes there and says Tanu is very distressed as she misplaced her contract and asks him to move and console her. Pragya is going and sits in one vehicle, but Abhi leaves in some other. She calls him and asks where is he going on my own. He says he got some paintings and asks her to go along with driving force.

    Abhi reaches Tanu’s house and sees her crying in misery. He attempts to console her via saying she will be able to hit him, they are able to cross on a experience, experience, he can signal for her, and many others. She says allow us to get married. He is greatly surprised to hear that.

    Twist Of Fate Wednesday 10 June 2020 Zee World Update; Pragya reaches Sarla’s domestic. Sarla says Pragya got so lean. Daadi jokes she did not rapid in her existence, her husband kept speedy for her and lent her long existence and died early. Every body laughs. Pragya asks Sarla if she fasted. Daadi says looking at her, will you agree with. Sarla says until her husband become alive, she fasted for him.

    Abhi shockingly asks what does she mean. She says after seeing all the rituals, she desires to marry him now. She says she wants to experience being his wife and revel in kumkum of his name, and many others. He says she will be able to lose her twiglet tag if she marries him. She says does no longer want supermodel tag and could depart the whole thing to emerge as his wife. She says she wishes entire world to recognize her as his spouse and tightly hugs him.

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