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Deception Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Update On ZeeWorld



Deception Wednesday 27th may

On Deception 2nd June 2020 Update On ZeeWorld; Pooja got worried about Supriya and was thinking what Angraj made Papa do to Maa. She calls her and comes to kitchen hearing the phone ring tone.

Deception Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Update On ZeeWorld

She tries to make her gain consciousness. Arjun comes to intellectual asylum to meet Hardik. Hardik hugs him. Arjun says he has killed Neelima, but Pooja rescued Rahul and Surbhi. Hardik asks him to kill Pooja first.

Dada ji cries and blames himself for Angraj’s anger. He then thinks about Harsha and is going out. He finds her on ground. Rahul gains cognizance and sees Surbhi unconsciousness. He attempts to make her come to senses and asks if she is o.K.. He is taking her out of doors the room. Dada ji cries and says don’t know what occurred to my daughter. Rahul and Surbhi are bowled over.

  • Pooja asks Supriya to benefit consciousness and asks her to get up. She calls and asks for ambulance. Satish tells Danish that don’t recognise where is Naren? Danish receives a call that Naren’s lookalike is in Dehradun. Satish tells Danish that he’ll move there.

    Surbhi bandages Harsha’s head. They ask who attacked her. They run to Dada ji room and spot Harish subconscious. Surbhi gets worried about Neelima. Rahul is going to her room. Danish receives a name and the informer inform Naren went to jungle. Danish stops the automobile and thinks if Angraj have achieved some black magic on Naren. Rahul comes to Neelima’s room and sees her subconscious. He tests her pulse and says nothing will occur to you. Pooja tells Supriya that she could be nice.

    Rahul brings Neelima outside. Pooja tells that ambulance is on the manner. Rahul says who is doing this. Tantrik tells that Angraj’s soul could be again as soon as his aim could be fulfilled. Angraj’s soul comes to his frame and tells that he couldn’t do whatever. He tells that Pooja and Dada ji know approximately him. Tantrik does something and Dada ji and Pooja neglect understanding about Angraj attacking them.

    Pooja asks what occurred to Neelima and Supriya. Rahul says you stated that you have known as an ambulance. Danish unearths Naren’s purse, wallet, cell and comb inside the jungle. Health practitioner exams them and tells that they are first-rate. Surbhi and Pooja hug every different. Surbhi realizes and breaks the hug. Rahul goes from there and tells Surbhi that it changed into Angraj who wanted to kill them. He says we’re fools to assist Angraj. Pooja thinks it is right that they are parting off from him. Danish calls Pooja from Naren’s cell and tells about finding his stuff inside the jungle close to to the twist of fate website.

    Deception Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Update On ZeeWorld; Pooja sees a baba and asks about him. He tells that Supriya used to provide him charity when you consider that 30 years and tells that he became away on account that some years. Pooja seems on. He turns to go and thinks you don’t know that i’m the same tantrik who made Angraj’s body input Harish’s body. He thinks Naren changed into saved captive here and that coincidence become just to misguide them. Pooja sees Naren’s kurta and stops them. He thinks if she thinks then Angraj will not leave him.

    Surbhi coming to call Pooja and takes her with her. Tantrik manages to take the trunk. Danish receives involved for Naren and thinks each Angraj and Naren are lacking. Satish thinks Rachel is asking satisfied and he can’t inform them approximately Naren being missing. He thinks to shift them to a safe area. Supriya tells each person that sbe can’t be alive now and asks them to call Naren. Rahul says if Bhabhi has abducted Angraj then she has to deliver him lower back. Supriya asks Harish to take care of her son and says she don’t have any hopes on Pooja. Tantrik brings Naren to Angraj. Angraj says if he is Naren’s ghost. Tantrik says he is Naren and that too alive.

    Satish asks Kusum to take Rachel to her mother’s house. Rachel asks Kusum to take her. Kusum consents. Satish calls Danish and asks him to attain birthday celebration office. Pooja prays to God to guard Supriya and says these days is Kanhaiya’s take a look at and no longer of his devotee. Angraj is shocked. Tantrik says here you are leaving your soul, but there Naren and Pooja had been fooling you. Angraj says now he gained’t be safe and selections a sword to kill him. Pooja keeps hand at the lamp and asks God not to break her accept as true with. Tantrik stops him and says your Milan is impossible right here in Hrishikesh and that’s why we ought to do some thing in order that the humans throws Pooja out from right here.

    Shailaja tells that we couldn’t discover Naren until now. Satish comes and says you have got already helped us. Shailaja says she don’t have any info of naren. Danish tells about the call. Shailaja says she will be able to get it traced and says a person is misguiding us. Pooja says she wants to take a look at her electricity of electricity and says if some thing happens to Naren then Maa’s trust will destroy. Doctor tells that Supriya needs relaxation. Surbhi says don’t realize where Pooja sent him. Supriya says i’m struggling to make her my bahu. Rahul says Bhai isn’t always a child. Dada ji asks them to forestall it and asks Supriya to tell. Supriya says if something happens to me, then take care of my Naren and separate him from Pooja. Neelima says get properly quickly. Harish says I received’t allow her stay in the house and will speak to Satish. Pooja thinks of Supriya’s phrases and cries. Dada ji involves pooja and says Naren can’t get precise bahu than you. He says whatever is probably the hassle, my bahu will win.

    Arjun is still with Hardik. Hardik says you still have the shirt which I talented you on your twentieth birthday. Arjun says yes. Hardik asks him to go to Vyas family and emotionally blackmail Dada ji to get his rights. He asks him to make Pooja cross from there, and says then we can win 1/2 conflict. Tantrik says time has come to provide present to Naren’s sasural. Angraj asks what present. Tantrik says what may be more higher present than this.

    Deception Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Update On ZeeWorld; Satish involves Pooja and thanks Dada ji for his guide. Pooja asks Dada ji to take relaxation for Naren’s sake. Dada ji says ok and leaves. Satish tells her that regardless of the phone calls came have been not from your party workplace. Pooja is taken aback. She says Angraj will no longer keep quiet if he receives to realize about Naren. Danish says i’ve delivered Kiran questioning she is unsafe in tribe. Pooja asks Satish to stay with Kiran and goes with Danish. Surbhi and Rahul are at home. Tantrik calls Rahul and says i’m status out of house. She says Angraj known as you both. Pooja hears them.

    Tantrik calling Rahul and asks him to pop out with Surbhi inside the car. Pooja hears them and thinks to comply with. Danish tells that he’s going to additionally accompany her. Pooja says neither this residence nor the own family is secure and asks him to be there.

    Angraj drags Naren’s subconscious frame to Satish’s residence. He says you is probably looking me, however i’m here resting. I will come infront of the sector in sometime. He opens the rope from Naren’s body and calls Reporter telling that he has information regarding CM Pooja. Rahul asks Tantrik in which is Angraj? Tantrik asks him to take a seat in car. Pooja thinks she has seen him someplace. Rahul asks wherein is Angraj? Surbhi says he must have all of the treasure with him. Rahul says i’m able to get better the whole thing. Tantrik thinks they doesn’t recognise that they’re coming to an end.

    Pooja recollects seeing Tantrik coming to the house inside the morning. Angraj thinks no person could be alive who is aware of about two Narens. He thinks Tantrik will kill Rahul and Surbhi. His men will kill Danish and Kiran. And Satish will be dead with something takes place in his house and laughs. He thinks Pooja has to come to him.

    Arjun practices to inform Dada ji that he’s Hardik’s son. Tantrik asks Rahul to stop the automobile. Tantrik calls his goons. Pooja sees the goons and thinks if Angraj wants to kill Rahul and Pooja. Angraj calls Media and says it seems you aren’t inquisitive about CM. Reporter asks for five minutes. Surbhi gets scared seeing goons. Rahul says nothing will happen. He asks wherein is Angraj.

    Rahul sees the cell. Danish switches on the television. Reporter says Naren Vyas is alive. Angraj acts as Naren and says he desires to tell a few factor. Neelima thinks to name Rahul. Rahul asks while Angraj is on television then why did you call us here. They say we are able to tell you. Rahul says we are with Angraj and asks where is Tantriuk. He starts offevolved combating with them.

    Deception Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Update On ZeeWorld; Satish involves Vyas Mansion and thinks what is Angraj doing in my residence. He says i’m able to go there. Angraj says Pooja isn’t always a terrific spouse, bahu and so forth. Supriya says he has understood what is proper. Dada ji says they’re children, Harish asks him not to intrude, Rahul asks Surbhi to sit down in car. Angraj’s guys beats Rahul. Pooja sees Naren Vyas stay and blaming her.

    Angraj says Pooja has compelled me to murder someone and buried him. Supriya is taken aback and says she made my son assassin. Harish asks why Naren did this tamasha. Goon is ready to kill Rahul. Rahul says we did a mistake by using trusting Angraj. Surbhi says if Naren might had been alive then he would have never executed this. Pooja seems taken aback.

    She thinks the way to rescue them. Surbhi asks them to depart her husband. Goon is set to shoot Rahul. Pooja comes there holding lathi and asks Rahul and Surbhi now not to be scared. She beats them. Rahul and Surbhi additionally beat the goons. Angraj says i can burn myself. Supriya cries. Satish is at the manner. Rahul shoots in air. All goons run away. They see Angraj on mobile. Rahul says we ought to cross there. Harish calls Satish and asks him to forestall Naren from committing suicide. Supriya cries badly. Angraj pours kerosene oil on him.

    Tantrik comes and is set to hit Rahul with a rod. Pooja pushes Rahul and gets hit on her head by means of the tantrik. She faints. Rahul beats Tantrik. Angraj burns someone and acts as he has burnt himself. Every person cry. Angraj laughs and thinks all Hrishikesh will hate Pooja now and will kick her out.

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