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(ZeeWorld) Married Again 30th Nov, 2019 Update

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The ladies and girls excitedly get divya inside, and pamper her compltely, thinking about her luxury. they all compliment on her beauty and accessories and clothing. Divya casts a cursory glance at sarita. Divya asks for water. they all scramble.

Sohan’s wife taunts sarita, to go and get cold water from the fridge. The younger daughter says that she knows divya doesnt like cold water and icecream. Divya says that she just said so in the interview, but actually she’s fine with cold water. She again taunts sarita to get water. sarita leaves.

Sohan too says that divya should just order and that would be given to her, giving her care’s responsibility to sundari, while an expecting sohan’s wife’s is saddened. Divya wonders who’s sundari. As sarita gives water, her mother in law taunts her getting water in a steel glass instead of a steel one.

sarita says the thirst is quenched by water and not the material of glass. Sohan’s wife says that she hesrelf is steel and choti bahu is silver glass. Sarita goes inside. Sohan’s wife begins to taunt sarita in front of Divya, while others listen.

Sarita vents out her frustration in cleaning the vessels, crying out her heart, remembering how Raj had gazed at Divya. Divya too feels the same, that sarita must have felt bad, seeing raj coming attracted towards her. she wonders how to go to sarita, as she’s surrounded by people.

Sohan’s wife goes on to ask Munni to show Divya around the house, and also show the room. Just then, two band people come, and give a promotion about the serial, Jodhaa Akbar. While they discuss about it,.

Divya thinks that she should be given the strength that she is successful in her mission, so that her love story too is imprinted in the history in golden letters, as an eternal one. Divya finds sarita working in the kitchen.

As she places her hand on sarita, Sarita reprimands her for forgetting her promises, the minute she entered the house, and its her mistake to have got divya here. Divya says that she can only see the good future, but sarita is unconvinced.

Divya picks up a steel tray, and shows her head margin, filled with vermillion, which sarita reminds happened, when raj accidentally knocked off the Rangoli colours tray. Divya says that she started stepping in the hosue, and raj filled her with the colours of her love. She asks her to get rid of the anger, and give a smile. Sarita is set to think about this, and calms down. Divya says that she needs to talk top raj, and asks where is he. Sarita says that she would go and see where is Raj.

Divya herself gets to washing utensils in the kitchen, trying to help sarita. But she accidentally breaks a glass, and instantly sohan’s wife assuming that its sarita, begins to bad mouth her. Sohan’s wife doesnt know that its divya, until she steps inside the kitchen. she asks divya what is she doing in the kitchen. Divya apologizes for the broken glass. Sohan’s wife again goes on to blame sarita for this kind of rude behaviour on her part. she ask divya not to work, and spoil her hands.

divya says that by doing work, her hands wont be spoiled, but she felt bad. She says that she felt bad about one thing. when sohan’s wife asks what, divya says that when she compared her and sarita, she felt bad. Sarita is very talented, only the perspective needs to be changed, and next time she scolds sarita, she should bear that in mind. Divya leaves after washing off her hands. Sohan’s wife thinks that divya was a hundred percent right.

Divya comes through Raj’s room, and wonders if she should wait for sarita, or should she enter herself. She is about to step, but then refrains, but finally she decides to go in. She arranges her pallu, and walks through the room, looking around for sarita. she comes across Raj and Sarita’s wedding snap. She looks at it, and is overwhelmed. She again calls out to sarita. when raj comes out from bathing, and finds Divya, he pushes Divya on the bed, and gets on top of her, and pins her down, while Divya keeps resisting it, and asks him to beware of what he is doing, and asks him to get off her.

As sarita is looking around for Divya, she accidentally breaks something again. Sohan’s wife habituated to scolding her, begins to taunt her, but then remembering divya’s words, she softens up, and asks her to prepare lunch as Divya might be getting hungry. Sarita is surprised by her soft behaviour towards her. Munni asks her mother to stop shouting atleast till divya is here, so that they make a godd impression on her. Sohan’s wife wonders where is divya, and what is she searching for. The fatso comes and announces that divya is on a house tour, and has just gone to see Raj’s room. Sarita, working, thinks that raj jas just gone for a bath, and Divya is in her room. Sarita is tensed, hearing this.

As Divya jerks herself away from Raj, while Raj’s still holding her hand, they are shocked to find Sarita stading on the door watching this. Raj leaves divya’s hand, and goes out of the room, in a huff.

In his room, sohan’s wife comes and hesitatingly says that Choti Bahu’s very beautiful, and gentle, and if they can always keep her in their house. This surprises sohan, and she asks him not to get angry and hear her out. Sohan’s wife proposes Divya and Raj’s marriage. Sohan is very hapy at this idea, which pleases his wife.

He says that there are many advantages to this, first they would be famous in all of bhopal, secondly they would get much more money than from sarita’s father, thirdly their business of rags would boom, and fourthly, Divya, having run away from her wedding, would be a perfect replacement for sarita, and they would get a good chance to get rid of her, by throwing sarita out of the house. He says that he’s so happy with her that he would give half of his own pan, while she shyly eats.

Divya asks her not to worry, as she wont break her promises. She says that she just came here to talk to raj. Sarita sarcastically says that did she nicely talk to Raj. Divya asks if she still is doubting her. Sarita asks what else should she do, after what she saw. She says that this bed hasnt had any action or seen any curls, then what she should make of these curls on the bed, after what she saw.

Munni comes in, excited to show her dance, while sarita, seeing no other option quietens down. Divya is dragged outside by munni, while sarita is very sad and tensed eyeing the curls on the bed. She find the wedding photo, and picking it up from the bed, she’s lost in anticipation.

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