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[ZeeWorld] Deception May Teasers 2020 Update

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago
Deception May teasers

ZeeWorld Deception May Update: On Deception May Teasers 2020: Naren is losing a lot of blood and has to be rushed to the hospital, but this is part of his plan to escape all that Angraj is doing to him. READ FULL Deception Teasers May 2020 below:

Deception Season 2 May Teasers 2020 On ZeeWorld

Deception Friday 1st May 2020 Update
(Episode 57)

Pooja finally see’s through Bela and tries to save her husband from Bela.

Deception Saturday 2nd May 2020 Update
(Episode 58)

Surbhi is excited by the news of Pooja and Naren’s break up.

Deception Sunday 3rd May 2020 Update
(Episode 59)

Bela has won Naren over to her side.

Deception Monday 4th May 2020 Update
(Episode 60)

The Vya’s family finally see that Bela is after Naren and Pooja, she takes Surbhi and Rahul to trigger the situation at home.

Deception Tuesday 5th May 2020 Update
(Episode 61)

Bela has a knife pointed at someone of the Vya’s mention, she shows her true colours and no one can stop her.

Deception Wednesday 6th May 2020 Update
(Episode 62)

Bela confesses why her heart was filled with so much hate and wanted her late husband and his inlaws to suffer.

Deception Thursday 7th May 2020 Update
(Episode 63)

Supriya loses patience with her family and threatens to leave.

Deception Friday 8th May 2020 Update
(Episode 64)

Magna arrives at the Vya’s mansion and Pooja couldn’t wait to meet the the name that everyone kept mentioning in the house.

Deception Saturday 9th May 2020 Update
(Episode 65)

Pooja has nightmares about Magna being tied up and kidnapped, she wakes up and goes to her bedroom to check on her.

Deception Sunday 10th May 2020 Update
(Episode 66)

Inspector is already doing the investigation to Magna’s attack, Rahul seems to be the main suspect because of his missing button that was found in Magna’s clothes.

Deception Monday 11th May 2020 Update
(Episode 67)

Pooja finds Magna as she was about to leave the country.

Deception Tuesday 12th May 2020 Update
(Episode 68)

Anuj is now the suspect in Magna’s attack.

Deception Wednesday 13th May 2020 Update
(Episode 69)

Surbhi see’s the face of the culprit who keeps killing and raped Magna.

Deception Thursday 14th May 2020 Update
(Episode 70)

Neelima can’t believe that her husband of so many years is so cruel, she goes to her room and tries to kill herself.

Deception Friday 15th May 2020 Update
(Episode 71)

Teaser unavailable.

Deception Saturday 16th May 2020 Update
(Episode 72)

Rahul and Angraj seem to have come together to destroy Naren.

Deception Sunday 17th May 2020 Update
(Episode 73)

Anuj is keeping his eye on Angraj and the party, this could be his last day breathing.

Deception Monday 18th May 2020 Update
(Episode 74)

Naren killing Anuj and Anuj killing Angraj has separated Naren and Pooja.

Deception Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update
(Episode 75)

Supriya blames Pooja for her sons death and comes together with Neelima to make sure that she loses the elections.

Deception Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update
(Episode 76)

Teaser unavailable.

Deception Thursday 21st May 2020 Update
(Episode 77)

Pooja runs away from the hospital.

Deception Friday 22nd May 2020 Update
(Episode 78)

Pooja tries to warn Naren about him being in danger but Naren is being stubborn and ignores her.

Deception Saturday 23rd May 2020 Update
(Episode 79)

Pooja realises the only way to protect Naren is to lie.

Deception Sunday 24th May 2020 Update
(Episode 80)

Naren is kidnapped by Rahul and Angraj, he hires a plastic surgen and steals Narens whole life acting like him.

Deception Monday 25th May 2020 Update
(Episode 81)

Naren believes this whole brutal experience is what Pooja planned to destroy him.

Deception Tuesday 26th May 2020 Update
(Episode 82)

Angraj is finally leaving like Naren, only Pooja notices he is not Naren but she plays along and tries to find the real Naren.

Deception Wednesday 27th May 2020 Update
(Episode 83)

Naren is losing a lot of blood and has to be rushed to the hospital, but this is part of his plan to escape all that Angraj is doing to him.

Deception Thursday 28th May 2020 Update
(Episode 84)

Naren has escaped and he and Pooja come up with another plan to defeat Angraj,

Deception Friday 29th May 2020 Update
(Episode 85)

Naren has amnesia and forgot that he was once married to Pooja.

Deception Saturday 30th May 2020 Update
(Episode 86)

Angraj buried Naren and went back to marry the love of his life Pooja.

Deception Sunday 31st May 2020 Update
(Episode 87)

Naren has woken up from the dead with the help of the plastic sugeon, he goes back and makes all those who made him suffer pay for Pooja’s tears.

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