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How to make your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer



Everyone knows that the advent of mobile phones has changed people’s lifestyles, and has brought great convenience and speed to our lives.

Nowadays, basically every one has its own mobile phone, and mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. But in the process of using the mobile phone, I found that the power is becoming less and less durable.

It only needs to be recharged once a day, and now it needs to be recharged many times.

1.Notifications and advertising

When many people use their mobile phones, they can see a lot of messages by simply pulling down the screen.

Most of these notification bars are ads and useless content, which is not only annoying but also consumes power.

So turning off useless notifications and ads can reduce the power consumption of your phone. Just open the settings, find the notification and status bar, and enter the notification management.

This shows the application software downloaded by everyone’s mobile phone. Generally, it is enabled by default. Select some software that you don’t usually use and turn it off.

2. Turn off the phone wireless

Everyone usually likes to connect to the wireless network when they play mobile phones.

Nowadays, the wireless coverage is relatively wide, and most people will forget to turn off as long as the wireless function is turned on.

What you don’t know is that when the mobile phone is turned on wirelessly, it will continuously search for nearby accessible networks.

This process will cause a lot of power loss. Always remember to turn it off when not in use.

3. Background applications

Another is that when you use a mobile phone that you usually use, the switching software is not actually closed, but it will still run in the background. This not only steals traffic and power, but the software is turned on a lot, and it is also a burden on the mobile phone battery. You must turn it off after each use, which can save a lot of power.

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