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5 things to check before you put your ATM card into the ATM machine to avoid fraud



Fraudsters are everywhere in Nigeria range from online to ATM points. So whenever you get to the ATM location. There are some things to observe we you ever stay on the queue to insert your ATM in to the machine.

Here 5 things to observe before you place your card into the ATM card reader always check an ATM for:

1. Always check if there is network on the ATM machine to avoid your card been swallow

2. Always check if the person behind you is not too close to you.

3. Always cover the keypad of the ATM when you are entering your card PIN

4. Always check anything that looks out of place, for instance different coloured plastic around the card slot

3. Always press cancel twice after performing your transaction so that skimmer insert by the fraudsters can not store your card details

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