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Covid-19: FG to Pay N30000 to the Poorest Masses in Nigeria Due to Lockdowns across the Country

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago

Due to The increase of Covid 19 Cases across States in Nigeria, Federal Government put up with Lock down Solution to reduce the spread of Corona Virus across the Country.

Many Countries like United State, Italy, India, Pakistan, England etc has been in Lock down for days now.

Due to the High percentage of Poor Masses in Nigeria, Many Families has found it difficult in feeding and was expecting the help of the Federal Government.

Many Billionaires and Millionaire in the Country has given out Millions to the government for the fight of the pandemic and the Citizens are hoping from the money. The United State shared 1000$ to every citizen of the country and Nigerians hope so from their Govt.

A Media On 28th March claimed that Presidential spokeman Femi Adesina disclosed the approval to their correspondent.

“The President announced the relief package to be given out N30,000 to every Nigerian who has a verified BVN account to ease pressure posed by the order to lockdown economic activities,” the reports said quoting Adesina.

“The N30000 relief fund will be given to every Nigerian with verified BVN account. I am sure the fund will go a long way to help Nigerians stock up their home during the stay-at-home order by the Government.”

However, Femi Adriana on twitter post Said the Approval by the president is Concocted.

“Fake news peddlers have concocted a statement, purportedly issued by me, saying FG will pay N30,000 to each Nigerian with BVN, to help them stock up before an impending national lockdown. Not me. The so-called statement is hereby disclaimed,” Adesina tweeted Saturday afternoon.

Due to this Tweet, Many Nigerians reacts by replying his tweet.

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